Camera/Steadicam Rickshaw

Total weight 71 kg with slim baseplate-set-up, shoulder rest and support wheel (as seen on pictures below)
Riser: 50-20-10 cm
Height of the baseplate can be adjusted to 6, 14 or 21 cm
Support wheel easily adjustable or removable for quick speed or off-road
Rickshaw width:  slim set-up 81 cm, wide set-up 105 cm
Rickshaw height (top of the euro adapter of the seat plate): max. 124 cm  (incl. the risers of the package of 80 cm)
Easy to set up, modular-built for different needs, designed for steadicam but also works great with hand-held and brushless gimbal

Rental price upon request


Camera & Steadicam

Harald Mellwig BVK  SOA


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